Corona lock down

There’s no reason to feel locked out

Join us in our daily Zoom meetings at 17:00 (UTC+1). Every day from Monday to Thursday. With each day a new question to keep you moving.  

yes. it’s free


Coronavirus may turn out to be a transformational experience for our communities. Some feel this as an exciting perspective, others might feel stressed out about it. Meanwhile we were are living in the unknown, the liminal space.

Many of us are used to going out, meeting people, to inspire and be inspired. Coronavirus forces us to avoid this contact. Siets Bakker invites you to reconnect. Join her daily online meetings and be an active part of the transformation.


Simple, clear and inviting

  • you will receive an email at 00:00 with the link for the meeting in Zoom, every Monday to Thursday;
  • make sure that you have a stable internet connection and log in a few minutes in advance;
  • Siets Bakker will start with a short introduction and finish with one of the Moving Questions;
  • we’ll split in groups of four in break out rooms where you can explore the question with others;
  • after 15 minutes you’ll be called back to the main room and we can do some further explorations as a group;
  • the meeting takes 30 minutes. After 30 minutes the meeting closes;
  • later you’ll receive the question and a recording of the plenary meetings in your mailbox.

100% free of marketing

We will refrain from marketing and expect you to do so as well.

Please don’t

  • analyze the spiritual, political or economic significance of Corona;
  • convince others of your own ideas;
  • think and talk out of fear and scarcity, compulsorily positive thinking or other forms of fixing things;
  • use the meeting for marketing or sales purposes. I won’t either.

Please do

  • feel invited to explore and create meaning for what’s going on for you personally;
  • exchange, put different thoughts together and ask questions to yourself and others;
  • seek where movement is possible, in your thoughts and in your actions;
  • enjoy every minute of doing this.

Starting times

17:00 Amsterdam (UTC+1)

12:00 New York (UTC-4)

09:00 San Fransisco (UTC-8)

03:00 Sydney (UTC+11)

00:00 Hongkong (UTC+8)

You can still participate if the time or day doesn’t suit you. We’ll record the meetings and email them to you.

“These daily meetings help me structure my day during this lock down.”

“I spend too much time alone, but with these meetings I have meaningful contact with others.”

“This helps me reflect on these special times we’re living in.”

“I feel less scared.”

“It’s really amazing how little is needed to change from feeling alone and stuck to feeling inspired and connected.”

These meetings are part of the emerging future. Which is free to join.

About Moving Questions

In nature everything is in a constant state of motion. That’s how life flows. . If movement is more natural than standing still, then standing still will cost more energy. If you feel exhausted or scared you need to discover where and how the natural flow is obstructed.

Moving Questions is about how you organise yourself, and the questions you make to restore the natural flow.

About Siets Bakker

Coronavirus is a real challenge for the world and the way we are living. It’s easy to get stuck into fear, especially if you follow social media. For entrepreneurs the challenge is even bigger; for many, a lot of turnover has been lost.

I don’t want to live from being stuck, I want to be able to let life flow through me. Even in the hard times. These meetings are an invitation to keep your thoughts and presence alive and moving.