You can’t get it wrong! All you’re doing, is asking a question. 

Change is easy with the Moving Questions card deck. 


Out loud to someone else, or in silence to yourself. That’s it. A question as invitation. An invitation to explore the world. The world behind the question, the world of the answer or, perhaps, some other world entirely.


ready-made questions that will do the work for you.

ISBN 978-9492331687 | € 21,95

Easy to use

Let these questions do the work for you. Think of a situation. Something that irritates you. Something that takes more energy than it should. Decide which of the questions below is relevant and which isn’t. Answer both questions in at least three different ways. 

Ways of using the cards

You do not need any training or instruction to use the questions on the cards. Come up with your own method. To help you get started you can download the document below for a few ideas. Use it to get inspired.

100% free of charge, not even your email address is needed.

The back of the cards

The back of the cards feature symbols. You can use these as representatives in table constellations. In doing so, the cards have yet another function. There are three categories of symbols: arrows, icons and the systemic symbols for men, women, boys and girls. The distribution of the symbols over the questions is random. You can combine the symbols with other (favourite) types of constellation materials and with the questions. 

With these cards, you always have representatives available.

Change is easy: choose your questions

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